Save Daughter and Educate Daughter, but also Teach your Son to Help in the Household Works

Why Boys Are Not Taught To Learn That Household Work Is Equally Important For Them As It Is For Girls.
I know many people get offended by this article, but I think it is really important to highlight the fact. We live in an independent country, and we all know that we got this freedom after so many efforts. But Are we really free or this freedom is just for a particular community and gender?

The country is growing. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao slogans are being given and girls are progressing in every field equally with the boys. When things become changed to this extent, then why we still stuck on “Household works are the only responsibility of woman” and if a man performs homely tasks, so, it’s not his duty, he is doing this in compulsion.

We all want changes, but nobody wants to start from their own. Why? When are we going to change this statement? If a girl can do household work with her professional life then why a boy can’t? When would we teach our son that these things are equally important to learn as well as the daughter?  

The day all mothers start to teach their son to help them in their household works, it will be considered true freedom in real manner.


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