Scarlett Johansson sued Disney

The suit was filed in a Los Angeles court as early as Thursday. Johansson's contract to star in the film was supposed to provide remuneration based on box office receipts in theaters and did not provide for the premiere online streaming of the film. The lawsuit says Disney intentionally breached the terms of Scarlett's contract so that she would not receive the promised profits.


"Disney intentionally conditioned Marvel's breach of contract without legal justification to prevent Ms. Johansson from receiving the full benefit of her contract with Marvel."


It is noted that Johansson's representatives were willing to discuss new terms and finalization of the contract, but neither Marvel nor Disney responded. The release of the film on Disney+ could have cost the actress more than $50 million.


However, the Walt Disney Company called the claim of the actress unfounded. This is reported in a statement by the company, a fragment of which is cited by CNBC.


"This lawsuit has no basis in fact. It is even more sad and upsetting that the lawsuit completely ignores the terrible and long-lasting consequences of the pandemic COVID-19 on a global scale."


Disney noted that it fully honored Johansson's contract, and that releasing the film on Disney+ with a premium subscription "significantly increased her ability to earn additional funds" beyond the $20 million she already received for the film.


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