Scents, Fragrances and Emotions

    Our whole life, each of us is surrounded with a great variety of different scents. They accompany us in all aspects of life and bring us a wide range of emotions, being stored in the memory as something connected with certain events. That might be the smell of rain on a date, the smell of one's mother's pastry, or the smell of a loved one. For many of us, happy memories that have to do with our childhood are treated with special care, and we cherish them, as grown-ups. It is the same with the scents which we experience being kids. Also, there is something that is close to all of us - it is the smells of nature. Although, one has to be quite sensitive to get into them and feel all the beauty they hold.

     Nature is the smells of summer and autumn, of forest and river, the smell of dust getting wet from the rain, the smell of pounded blackcurrant leaves, of grandma's pink peonies, of ripe raspberries in the garden, of carrot greens, of metal barrel of water for watering plants. Or maybe it is the smell of timber, or grass clippings, or birch twigs for the steam room in a bath, or the smell of tomato leaves. Such scents tend to remind many of us of our carefree childhood which was possibly even spent at one's grandmother's place in the countryside. Thus, smells of nature intensify human memories and emotions that are associated with them.

     Perfumery intensifies our emotions too. And what is twice as interesting is the way fragrances interact with nature scents and come together as a complex, like no other scent.

     In today's world, perfumes can be classified into mass and niche fragrances. Mass perfumes are created to please the majority of people. Not typically having any natural ingredients, they are revealed quite predictably on different skin types. They smell the same, no matter who uses them. Niche fragrances, by contrast, contain natural substances, that is why the same perfume slightly changes its scent on each person.

     Every perfume affects the emotional state of a person, even mass fragrances. However, it is niche fragrances that have the greatest impact on our mood. Natural oils contained therein can lift one's spirits or calm one's mind, get someone down or set up in a positive way, and each will have their own emotions from one and the same fragrance. Owing to their interaction with the skin and with the smells that nature gives us, we get a special kind of scent that allows us to be inspired to creative achievements, to find inner harmony and also to tell others a little bit about our internal world.

     A well-chosen perfume may become something of a remedy. You may have a great deal of favorite fragrances and each of them will help you in certain life situations. For a person's mood has a tendency to change, likewise, the perfume may be different for every mood. It is important to remember that when we choose a fragrance, especially a niche one, we also choose the emotions that it will evoke, we willingly agree to certain experiences. For that very reason, a perfume needs to be carefully selected and we should listen to ourselves while choosing it.


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