Scientific Research Trying to Unravel the Greatest Mysteries in the Universe

Science is a human method or method used to reveal something scientifically. In many cases, science has helped humans in various ways, including revealing some of the secrets of the universe. Until now, scientists and experts are still conducting research, studies, and research to uncover the mysteries of the universe that are not yet known to mankind. Here's some research on what mysteries can be revealed based on studies:

1. Traces of the Big Bang in the universe

Science states that the universe was formed as a result of the Big Bang or the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. How do scientists know that the universe existed because of the Big Bang? In fact, traces of the Big Bang can still be found in this vast universe. In research and studies conducted by many scientists, it is found that our universe is constantly expanding. Like a gas balloon that expands as a result of being slowly inflated, so is our universe. Published on Harvard's website, in the 1940s, physicist George Gamow had argued that the universe left so many imprints on its birth. The observations and research carried out proved not to be a far-fetched study. In 1991, NASA through NASA's COBE spacecraft detected ancient light coming from all directions in the universe. This is one of the valid evidences of the research that Gamow had done in 1940. Now, modern physics calculations are getting more complex. It has been proven that the distances of galaxies are increasing due to the expansion of the universe.

2. The mystery of black holes

No one really knows about black holes. They are only known as celestial objects that have a massive gravitational force. Because of its strength, light can also be sucked in it. However, where did this black hole study and research come from? What have scientists found? The object that was first identified as a black hole was Cygnus X-1 in 1974. Uniquely, this object was found due to a gamble made by two great scientists, namely Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne. In the end, Hawking admitted defeat and stated that Cygnus X-1 was indeed a black hole with a very large mass. Previously, in 1916, Albert Einstein had predicted that in the universe there was an object with a massive mass that would suck up anything around it. Until now, black holes are only classified as part of space, time, gravity, and the laws of physics that have a strong attraction. What lies inside black holes is still one of the greatest mysteries in the universe.

3. NASA research in uncovering dark energy

Until now, science still agrees that there are only four fundamental forces that govern the movement of the universe. They are gravity, weak nuclear force, electromagnetic, and strong nuclear force. The four of them have been proven to have their respective duties in shaping, regulating, maintaining, and preserving the universe. However, many people argue that beyond the four forces there is an energy that is foreign and difficult to detect. On its website, NASA reveals that this alien force is called energy or dark matter. About 68 percent of the matter in the universe is classified as dark energy. Meanwhile, dark matter controls about 27 percent of the universe. What about galaxies, planets and stars? Well, all these physical objects only make up 5 percent of the entire universe. Until now, research and research on dark energy is still being carried out. In fact, in 2012 humans were able to find the strongest mysterious particle, namely the God Particle. Are these particles directly related to dark energy? This is also still being researched.

4. The existence of the multiverse

The multiverse is the notion of anomalies in the universe which suggests that our world is made up of many different dimensions. Just imagine, this very wide universe is not just one, but many and even without limits. Uniquely, not a few parties believe that the multiverse exists and is very close to us. The concept of the multiverse itself is very prominent in the inflation theory of the universe, as written in Live Science. In its hypothesis, inflation theory believes that at the time of the Big Bang or the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, the surge in energy and matter also occurred very massively. It is possible that the universe is dimensionally separated. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to prove in science. We can only observe physical objects. To be non-physical, an object must exist clearly and still be subject to the laws of physics. Well, what do you think? Do you believe in the existence of the multiverse?

5. Research to find alien life

With the vastness of the universe that is almost limitless, the existence of aliens is also expected to be out there. In this world, there is a research agency that specializes in researching and conducting studies on alien life in the universe. Yes, they are parties who are members of the SETI Institute. However, do not imagine their work is full of conspiracies. They continue to work according to the scientific method and there are even many members who are also experts in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and biology. SETI scientists often conduct research on the life of organisms on Earth and compare it with life on other planets of course based on simulations and observations. Unfortunately, until now, our technology and capabilities are still not enough to find alien life. They are believed to exist and are scattered in very distant places in the universe. If there were, it seems that humans would be almost impossible to find and make contact with them. Some research and research to unravel the biggest mysteries in the universe is still being done today. Science is trying to find the right answer. Are you also interested in studying the universe in depth?


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