Scientists discovered the fifth and sixth groups of human blood

Researchers from the University of Vermont made an incredible and sensational announcement - there are not 4 blood groups in nature, but 6! The two groups discovered were named Langerice and Junior. Group leader Brian Ballif tells us that problems with blood incompatibility in the open groups are very, very rare, but there is a risk group. Because of this, there are difficulties with blood transfusions, as well as during pregnancy during Rh (incompatibility of the child and the mother).


According to a study, approximately 50,000 Japanese have the blood type Junior.

New blood groups were discovered using an interesting method of mass spectrometry. The proteins ABCG2 and ABCB6 were found. It was these transport proteins that helped identify the new blood groups Junior and Langerice. Before this revolutionary moment, only 30 proteins were known to science and to humanity in general, which are responsible for the blood group. Scientists believe that this discovery will help improve techniques for treating cancerous tumors.


Ballif is sure that there are about 15 other blood groups in nature, which at the moment are simply unknown to science.


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