Scientists found a link between heart rate and mortality from COVID-19

High speed of pulse wave propagation through arteries in patients with COVID-19 may indicate a higher risk of mortality. Researchers from Great Britain and Italy made the relevant conclusion about connection of pulse wave and death rate, reports Izvestia.

According to British and Italian researchers, the probability of death can be considered elevated if the wave speed exceeds 13 meters per second. It is noted that the normal rate for young and middle-aged people is 5.5-8 meters per second.

In addition, the scientists found that those infected with coronavirus pulse wave speed is on average 1.89 meters per second higher than others. They also noted that those who died from the disease had a higher wave velocity of 1.89 meters per second than those who survived. That said, a 1-meter-per-second increase in pulse wave velocity can increase a patient's chance of dying by 14 percent, the researchers explained.

Earlier, Anna Safonova, a clinical laboratory diagnostician at Labquest Medical Laboratory, said that in recent years of her practice, she has observed in patients not only SARS-CoV-2, but also other viruses that can cause pneumonia. According to her, these infections should be taken seriously, since they provoke a severe course of the disease. Safonova noted that this year there is a serious season of acute respiratory infections. According to her, a lot of parainfluenza is detected in the laboratories, as well as seasonal coronaviruses, which are detected in fairly large quantities. The specialist also named the most severe course of COVID-19. "A person won't necessarily have 'pure' coronavirus. The worst that can happen is a combination of a coronavirus with another type of virus," the medic explained.


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