Scientists have warned of a dangerous mutation of the delta strain of coronavirus

MOSCOW, October 19 - RIA Novosti. Jeffrey Barrett of the Senger Institute in Cambridge and Francois Ballou of University College London have warned of the emergence of a "descendant" of the Indian strain of the coronavirus. Writes about this Financial Times .

"Variant AY.4.2 was only recently discovered by virologists who tracked the genetic evolution of the delta, but it already accounts for nearly ten percent of infections in the UK," the article says.

According to scientists, the new mutation is 10-15% more infectious than its predecessor, which still dominates the world. If preliminary data prove to be correct, then AY.4.2 will become the most infectious coronavirus in the entire pandemic, they noted.

In the world at the moment the most common "delta" mutation SARS-CoV-2. It accounts for most of the new cases of COVID-19. The World Health Organization noted that it will dominate the planet in the coming months until a more competitive strain of coronavirus emerges.



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