Scientists tell us how many repetitions should be in an ideal athletic workout, and what the effectiveness of exercise depends on

The Spanish publication ABC figured out in which case physical exercise will be most effective.

The author of the publication notes that the number of repetitions of an exercise depends to a large extent on the purpose of training. For example, for strength development it is optimal from one to five reps, for muscle mass gain - from six to 12, for endurance - from 13 and more. And more often trainings include just 6 to 12 reps because it is optimal in terms of fatigue, mistakes and failures. At the same time it is important to monitor the quality of exercises and to correct the technique depending on it.

The next important component of the workout is the muscle group. Both the number of repetitions and the number of sets depend on it. During combined exercises with the Olympic barbell (squat, bench press, shoulder press, and bent-over pull) it is best to repeat each of them five to eight times. Three sets of five repetitions will build muscle faster than three sets of two repetitions.

When performing a variety of exercises with dumbbells (lunges, shoulder presses, bench presses), you should repeat each of them a maximum of eight to ten times. In addition, the author advises not to take too much weight. The last type of exercises is isolated. They include arm bends, triceps extensions, lateral and front lifts. You should not overdo with the weight in this case either, otherwise you can develop tendonitis or muscle rupture. So, the main thing to pay attention to while training, is the quality of exercises and the total number of exercises per week.


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