Scratch Cannon Tells Why Marriage Is an Outdated Idea

Scratch Cannon isn't covering his sentiments about individuals who scrutinize his nurturing decisions. 


At the point when Charlamagne Tha God recommended on The Breakfast Club that individuals might have inquiries concerning Cannon beginning families with different ladies all the while, The Masked Singer have said he's not sure what's going on with all the quarrel. 


"Well for what reason do individuals question that?" he reacted. "That is to say, since that is an Eurocentric idea when you contemplate the thoughts of, similar to, you should have this one individual for the remainder of your life and actually that is only an ordered property when you ponder it....Just that a man ought to have one lady, we shouldn't have anything. I have no responsibility for individual. Like, on the off chance that we truly discussing how we coincide and how we populate, it's about what trade would we be able to make together. Thus, I've never truly bought in to that mindset." 


Gun is father to 10-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, with ex Mariah Carey; 4-year-old child Golden and 7-month-old little girl Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell; twins Zion and Zillion, who were brought into the world in June, with Abby De La Rosa; and child Zen likewise brought into the world in June with Alyssa Scott. 


Gun said he "wouldn't be frantic" on the off chance that he ultimately proceeded to have "10 to 12" kids.


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