Sea Animals With Soft Bodies

Sea is full of amazing animals. Some have bones and some are boneless. That's why many ancient marine species were hard to find. Boneless animals leave no fossils at all. But of course it's certainly worthy of being used as a food menu. Even the absence of bones makes it easier for us to digest them. They can also be referred to as soft-bodied animals. What is included in it :

1. Octopus

It has tentacles under its head. Where this animal can spray black ink to avoid prey. But not animals that have high speed. This animal can only rely on its tentacles to bind prey and then swallow it. The main food is shrimp, clams and crabs

2. Starfish

Known for his five hands like a star. He doesn't seem to be walking. But it's actually very slow. This animal eats mussels

3. Jellyfish

Including transparent animals. Because it only has a head as a cover and small feet that can generate electrical voltage. He can easily knock his prey out. The food is small shrimp and small fish.

4. Shrimp

Her body is curvy. The mouth has a kind of tool for chewing like long legs. Its hard shell covers its soft flesh. Their food is a plankton

5. Electric Eel

Looks like a snake. He has the ability to generate enormous amounts of electricity. These animals often hide behind the grass. His daily diet is fish.

The animals above are just a few of what we know. They are easy to find in various places in the ocean. However, excessive use of their meat is not recommended. Because it will definitely make it extinct. If so. So who can return it? The loss of some animals will damage the balance of the ecosystem. Are you interested in going to the sea and visiting one of the animals above? Don't forget to bring adequate safety equipment if you want to dive. There are many things in the sea that we do not know.


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