Secrets and Tricks of iOS 15 Part 1: Using FaceTime on Android and Windows

For a long time FaceTime was exclusive to "apple" devices, which, naturally, was not always convenient, both for iOS users and for their loved ones using other operating systems. With the release of iOS 15, Apple has slightly changed the philosophy of its app and now anyone can join a video call, but there are still many limitations.

Let's figure out how to invite a non-Apple user to the conference, how to accept the invitation and connect to FaceTime, and what basics of secure communication you shouldn't forget about in any case.

I want to invite an Android user. What should I do?

First of all, let's make sure you have iOS 15 installed on your i-gadget - that's the first and only prerequisite.

We go to FaceTime and see the "Create Link" button. Send the generated address to any messenger you and your friends are comfortable with. When your interlocutor accepts the invitation, you only have to confirm his candidacy. The name of the user looks rather funny: the system seems to have doubts and attributes "maybe". Most likely, this format of the name appeared because your interlocutor decides how to call himself, respectively, Apple can not confirm his identity.

The other way is to click the New FaceTime button and choose the users you want to call from your contacts. If all the selected users have FaceTime, an invitation will be sent there, if not - a link will be generated for all users. Owners of apple gadgets will be able to open it in the corresponding application, and other users - in the web version.

I have Android/Windows, how do I connect to FaceTime?

An iOS user can send you an invitation in the form of a link in any convenient messenger or email. You can accept it and follow the link on any Internet-connected device. You don't need a FaceTime account or an Apple account.

Naturally, you'll also need a microphone and webcam, and if we're talking Android, you'll need to give your equipment the proper permissions. To connect to the conference, you will need to enter your name. Don't be lazy to make it recognizable, so that the invitee knows at once whose candidacy he approves. This is convenient if there are more than two people in the communication. The link will open in the web version of FaceTime, in your regular browser.

It is worth noting that, at least for now, FaceTime on the web works unstable, with long delays and does not support all browsers. For example, it "refused" to work in desktop Firefox, but supports Edge, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

I have Android/Windows, how do I create a FaceTime conference?

You can't. Currently, you can only create a conference call on Apple devices. Similarly, if an Apple user wants to terminate a call, it will terminate for everyone. Android and Windows users, for now, just have to accept that they are guests in this world.

Another limitation concerns camera effects: Memoji, Animoji, filters, and effects will not be available in the web version of FaceTime.

Keeping security in mind.

All this system with names and confirmations is needed in order to prevent people who got the link by accident (for example, someone you know forwarded the invitation to his friends or just got it by mistake) from joining the chat room. Take this point seriously, if only out of respect for your interlocutors.

As we can see, using FaceTime on Android and Windows is indeed realistic and not at all difficult. Another thing is whether it is necessary when there are quite a few cross-platform messengers that support video communication?


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