Selection of tiles and fittings — how to design a small bathroom?

Preliminary design and tile

 As is the case with most rooms in the house - the matter of designing or drawing the division of space should be entrusted to a specialist. If you don't want to spend money on it — you can just ask a friend from the construction industry who will advise you how much space is needed for specific parts of the bathroom. It's also worth thinking about what we need. In addition to the obvious fittings, for example, you can do without a bidet to save space for a washing machine. Bathroom design is very important - even if it only divides the bathroom into the main "sectors". The second issue is the selection of colors, and therefore tiles.

Ceramic tiles

 Tiles, porcelain stoneware, tiles - there are many names and types, but personally I can recommend Moroccan cement tiles - always in light colors to visually enlarge the bathroom. Perhaps the name sounds exotic, but Moroccan ceramic tiles are frost-resistant, so they can be used in several places at home, even on the terrace or in the entrance. Of course, the very method of making these ceramic products is Moroccan and has been used there for hundreds of years. It is best due to the fact that the tiles are made by hand – each of them is slightly different from each other in shape. This gives the interior a unique character. In addition, companies offer ceramic tiles with brass fittings. It can look great on your walls! These products may not be the cheapest, but they are extremely resistant to mechanical damage and the previously mentioned low temperatures.

A mirror is an important element of every bathroom

 Now that we have the design and pre-selected tiles, it's time to focus on their size. I mentioned earlier about optical magnification due to bright colors. The size of one tile is also important. They must be large to create the effect of a large space. Moreover, the mirror plays a significant role here. It should be as large as possible — you can also buy a couple of mirrors and hang them on the wall near the washbasin.

Arrangement of fittings and furniture

 Bathroom furniture doesn't take up much space, but it would be nice to have a place for towels, chemicals or other products. A washbasin with a locker (upper or lower) will come in handy. Sometimes part of the bathroom space is also occupied by one of the walls (where there is a shower or bathtub) to create a small wall and thus a recess. Perhaps then we take a square meter, but we get a cubature in which you can hide almost everything.


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