Self-discovery, the journey less taken

I woke up this morning feeling on edge with Zero zeal to face the day. I could not figure out if am sad, angry, happy, or just calm. I missed the days I would start the day with excitement or even agitated. Any feeling is better than no feeling at all. 


This nudged me to think about myself. For a person who is always trying to figure out finances, parenting, family, and all other aspects of life, it is interesting (or saddening) that I never take the time to think about myself. What pushes me? In my career, do I love my job, or is it just a way of avoiding poverty? What am I even passionate about? The decisions that I have made in my life are they wholesomely my decisions, or was I responding to a specific circumstance?


Well, I figured that I did not have the solution to any of these questions, so I started with what I hated to know what I loved. Well, hate is a strong word; let me say "dislike." I don't particularly appreciate being disrespected, negative energy, poverty, and people who look down on others. Wait, what about passion? I completely have no idea. When a celebrity says, they are passionate about music that had made them Millionaires, which is that one thing that I can quantify or, better yet make money from it.


Truth be told, I still have not figured that out. But, in my journey of self-awareness, I will question every action or thought process. I will be more open to trying out different things. I will allow feeling all sorts of emotions.  I will dress up and take me on a date. I might even suit up and go for a personal interview, and I will ask myself all job seekers' dreaded question, "tell me about yourself." I am taking the Journey less taken


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