Self Isolation Earnings Scheme! 1-week = $5+ dollars!

As many have already guessed we will earn on the referral system.

And so here we go!

1 sign up/login in telegram!

2.sign up/logo in

3.We are using @tnucrypto_bot bot, bot is in russian language, so follow me, press "🤹🏻♂️Work" and below will be link we need!

4.At create a job/platform in which we must explain people that they need to follow a link and do a couple of actions, the price for the execution of put 0.017dollars, check will take some time, during the test you can go through several tasks and get initial capital as you have to pay for execution is the final task checked and you need to run it, this is done by pressing the pause (orange round button) you need to check the reports and take the money 🙂

Forgot to tell the bot pays for 1 invited person - 0.06, in the future if you invite more than 150 people - the payment will be equal to 0.1 dollars

So go ahead and do it!


From the author - I have earned $ 2 on this topic for 2 days!


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