Self massage of the fingers

This is an unexpectedly effective way to treat ill health.


The fact is that, according to Tibetan medicine, the finger and palm points are peculiar windows of health. Each finger is responsible for its own organ.


The thumb reflects the condition of the lungs, bronchi and liver. Massaging it may soothe and even relieve any coughing fit.


The index finger directly sends signals to the entire digestive tract.


The middle finger is in dialogue with the entire circulatory system.


Massage of the ring finger helps to overcome nervous disorders, stress and bad moods.


The little finger is associated with the small intestine. Rubbing it, you can get rid of chronic constipation.


In the very center of the palm is the activity point. Pressing on it, you can relieve palpitations and fatigue, return cheerfulness and a cheerful mood.


Hand massage is good because it can be performed anywhere and anytime. Sitting at the computer or lying on the couch. Taking a bath or reading the newspaper.


At first, you just need to rub your hands for a minute in a circular motion, as if soaping them. The skin temperature will rise and your hands will get warm.


Then you should rub the joints vigorously. Sharp and quickly clench your fingers into a fist and slowly unclench them 10 times. Slowly clench your tense fingers into a fist and fan them quickly 10 times.


Then each finger is massaged from tip to base on all sides.


Particular attention should be paid to the areas of the organs of concern.


The palm is kneaded and massaged along three massage lines: from the inner edge to the base, from the outer edge to the middle point of the palm and along the middle line from the fingers to the wrist.


Then the wrists are kneaded with the fingers and circular movements.


And the massage ends with the rubbing of the hands, you can rub with a nourishing cream. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin warmed up by the massage.


The total time of the massage does not exceed 7-10 minutes. It can be repeated up to 5 times a day. But the most effective is the morning massage, before breakfast.


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