Seniors and ID theft

Seniors are vulnerable too identity theft here are some common schemes at ID thieves use to steal identity of seniors


telemarketing.  An ID thief may call make a project offers for products benefits or medical services the color will require you to provide personal information such as your social security number birth date or Medicare ID number.  

Tax ID thief. Phony tax preparers steal your social security number and sell it to the scammers ID please may also read obituaries so that they can file I read tax return in the deceased person's name this can be a problem for surviving spouse when he or she tries to file taxes later into the season   

medical ID thief.   In general seniors have more contact with medical service providers that can take advantage or access their insurance information to get medical services in their name or to issue project Billings to you and your health insurance.   

Nursing homes and long-term care. Staff at these facilities have access to seniors personal information on file as well as the potential misuse of theft of seniors finances for example checkbooks bank statements in the seniors room to report ID theft or report it to the US Senate special committee on aging .

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