Shiba Inu has dropped significantly, and investors are selling cryptocurrency amid rumors of the elimination of Whales

Shiba Inu holders fear that the Whales will dump large sums, which will lead to a sharp correction in the exchange rate. Until recently, we saw an incredible rise in the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency.  Many analysts attributed this to the listing on the Robinhood platform, although it is more likely that it was all just for someone's benefit.  It is known that in August 2020, a certain investor bought 70 trillion coins, paying only 8 thousand dollars for them.  As the cryptocurrency has risen greatly, the price of these trillions has increased to $ 5.7 billion.  It seemed that the holiday would go on forever, but yesterday this friend decided to diversify his coins.  In fact, no one knows what really happened, but 10 trillion coins were transferred to 4 new wallets.  This could not but affect the mood of investors, although all the fun began today.  So far, the language cannot be called a catastrophe, but things are not going well.  Take a look at the graph below. 

As you can see, the cryptocurrency value dropped by 25% per day, but so far no one knows for sure when the panic will end.  Insiders note that on cryptocurrency forums, Shiba Inu holders write about an imminent liquidation when the Whales want to withdraw from the case, leaving tens of thousands of people with nothing.  It is noted that today many are trying to dump the cryptocurrency, which has an additional impact on the price of Shiba Inu.  Experts believe that there will be no liquidations in the near future, but the panic is not so easy to stop. In addition to the strange transfer of 40 trillion coins, the indecision of the Kraken exchange puts pressure on the cryptocurrency rate.  The fact is that earlier users were asked to like the listing message on Kraken Shiba Inu.  Allegedly, if the post gets 2000 likes, the cryptocurrency will be traded on the exchange in a day.  Curiously, the post has garnered 80,000 likes since then, but instead of fulfilling its promises, Kraken representatives said that the listing would not be as fast as someone would like.  Instead, they will first check the cryptocurrency, and only then can we talk about the official trading of Shiba Inu on Kraken.


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