Shish kebab of fish on the grill

Fish kebab requires more skill than meat kebab. What to do if you want fish, but have not yet learned how to cook it on the grill? We will tell you how to cook fish kebab on the grill on the grill.

Fish for kebabs

Fish for kebab on the grill should not be too tender, so that it does not fall apart while grilling, and when you open the grill.

It is good when the meat stays on the skin in the finished form. That way you won't get mushy, but neat pieces.

Frozen fish is loose in texture and kebab will be drier and not as tasty as fresh and chilled. Choose live or chilled fish.

For grilling it is important that the fish is fatty, but not too fatty.

Size is also important, especially if you choose to grill a whole carcass. Obviously, your fish should fit in the grill.

 Picking through the pieces looking for bones is not pleasant. You should not choose bony fish species and take larger fish specimens.

The best species to use for kebab are salmon, trout, humpback salmon, catfish, tuna, halibut, big carp and carp.

This does not mean that the other breeds of fish are "forbidden" for kebab, no, but with them you will have to use additional tricks.

How to prepare the fish

First of all, the cooled fish should be soaked in water for an hour and then washed well. If you are going to clean it from scales, it is more convenient to do it before gutting.

It is not always necessary to remove scales. Look at the recipe: it can be clearly stated that you do not need to. Also, if you have to make a fillet, whether or not there will be scales on the skin is a matter of your convenience. We liked to remove the skin from the carp together with the scales - a great time saver and less hassle. If you leave the head on the fish, cut out the gills. They will be bitter and smell unpleasant when fried.

After gutting, don't be lazy to wash the carcass again. In the belly, too.

Cutting the fish for grilling is like this:

Carcasses (good for small to medium sized fish);

Steaks (if 1-2 steaks make a portion, that's your choice);

Portioned chunks of fillets on the skin (usually use more fish than for steaks);

Skinless chunks (you need meat that's tough enough without falling apart).

Appropriate marinades.

For fish, you should avoid sour and medium-acid marinades. The meat is tender and does not need to soften. Vinegar is to be crossed out at once.

Because of this tenderness, the second rule: do not keep in the marinade for a long time. Maximum 2 hours, but usually 20-40 minutes.

It is not always necessary to marinate the fish. Sometimes it is enough to rub salt and spices. For marinating, use glassware or proven inert plastic containers.

For lean fish, include 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil per 1 kilogram of fish meat in the marinade.

Always salt when marinating. The salt will make the pieces denser and stronger. If you are going on a picnic, soon spoiling marinades like sour cream, yogurt, etc. are not suitable. You'll be able to use them at the cottage, though.

Successful bases for marinating fish include lemon juice, white dry wine, soy sauce and even mayonnaise.

Grilling on the grill

Let's remind ourselves again: fish is tender. Which means the heat should be less than medium. Either put the grate higher or move the coals apart. And do not burn corners brightly, wait, when they are covered with ashes (how to make a charcoal grill and fry barbecue). For delicate varieties of fish with meat falling apart when grilling, use foil.

Before laying on the grill it should be oiled.

You should take the fish out of it while it is still hot. This way you will damage the fish less (and it is tender).

Try not to turn the grate often. It will be good, if you get the crust on one side, turn to the other and so on to the crust, if the fish is not ready, turn again and give to come out of the heat.

Shish kebab of carp

Carp or carp (a cultured species of carp) is a tasty, moderately fatty, fish for kebabs. This is an economical and tasty recipe.

Ingredients for 6 servings:

Carp (0,8-1 kg carcass) - 3 pcs;

Lemon - 1 pc;

Onions - 3-4 bulbs;

Vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp;

Ripe tomatoes - 2-3 pcs;

Sweet bell pepper - 2-3 pcs;

Dill and parsley - a bunch;

Salt and spices - to taste.


If you do not have ripe tomatoes, take cherry tomatoes, they have a characteristic tomato flavor even in winter.

Carp are washed, cleaned, gutted, cut off the head.

In a separate bowl, mix the oil, juice of 1 lemon and tomato paste. As well as salt and spices.

Pour this sauce into a bowl with the carps and mix so that the fish is in it on all sides.

Onions and peppers must be peeled.

Onions, peppers and tomatoes are diced and mixed in a separate bowl.

Light the grill.

Take out the carp, put a branch of parsley and dill in its belly. In the same place we add vegetable "salad". We put it on a rack tightly, so that everything does not spill out of the belly.

Roast on medium heat on the grill until it is ready. Flip them over. When it's ready, you'll hear the smell of baked tomatoes.


Juicy mackerel

Mackerel is famous for its unique flavor and the fact that it is difficult to spoil an inexperienced cook.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

Mackerel - 2 pcs;

Lemon - half;

Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp;

Onions - 1 onion;

Parsley - a bunch;

Salt and spices - to taste.


If the fish is frozen, put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator until it defrosts completely. It is not necessary to speed up this process in any way - it will worsen the quality of the dish.

Peel fish carcasses from entrails and wash.

Chop parsley and onion in a blender to a mush. Add the juice of half a lemon, oil, salt and spices. Stir.

Pour this sauce over the fish for 20-40 minutes.

Wipe the outside of the mackerel before placing it in the grill, otherwise the marinade will burn.

Roast on the grill on both sides until cooked. A fork is handy to check when the fish is cooked through.


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