Shortcomings of the new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a new car, which has received a different exterior and interior. The fifth-generation Grand Cherokee has a new body and two modifications - the L and the base. The first is an extended family variant of the vehicle.

Body. Creators kept straight body design, left the iconic grille and square wheel arches. The taillights stick to the stylistics of the last generation. The front end got an intimidating look, due to the non-standard size of the grille, as well as disproportional, narrow headlights. The addition of a massive front bumper and increased ground clearance.

The rear is distinguished by new lights, as well as the preservation of the stylistics of the brand. The effect was achieved due to the pronounced exhaust pipes, which made the rear look brutal. The manufacturers don't hide the fact that they are happy with the design.

Interior. Expensive materials with stitching are used for finishing. The front part is made of plastic. The central element is the multimedia screen. The interior in the new Grand Cherokee became better, compared to the last generation, which looked old.

The technical side. Length - 5204 mm, wheelbase - 3091 mm, the volume of the trunk - 484 liters, and the maximum - 2396 liters. Under the hood there is a 3.6-liter motor. Power is 294 horsepower. Together with it works eight-speed automatic transmission. There is also a modification with a 5.7-liter 362-horsepower unit. It has four-wheel drive. Suspension is pneumatic, which regulates ground clearance from 166 to 277 mm.


Equipment: heated seats, power mirrors, power windows, rain and temperature sensors, immobilizer, cruise control, anti-collision function and multimedia.

Disadvantages. The first negative element of the SUV becomes the cost of maintenance and spare parts. In the market, buying new items can be too expensive. Customers are prepared for this, since the car is luxurious, and, accordingly, it is necessary to pay for it.

Another disadvantage is the complexity of construction. It is extremely difficult to repair on your own. Some of the elements are not located in the most appropriate place, so drivers have to go to dealerships and overpay mechanics for work.

The iron is another clear disadvantage of the car. Despite the look and the interior, the car is prone to the occurrence of corrosion. The fact is that the SUV has no additional protective layer under the paint and varnish, so rust occurs quickly when adversely affected.


Conclusion. Despite the disadvantages and advantages, this vehicle is competitive, so it is loved and appreciated in the market. The new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L will offer three all-wheel drive with a transfer case directing torque to the traction axle.


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