Showing Full Trust in God

Showing Full Trust in God

Having trust in God is one identity of Christ's followers. A Christian whose trust is ever in the lord is a lucky human because the lord counts him/her as his child. But then, how should a Christian show his trust in the lord? This article aims to give exposition on how a Christian should show trust in God despite any surrounding circumstances.


A Christian should always pray. Prayer is an evidence of trust. When we pray, we make it known to our God that we have no other place to receive help other than from him. Many times in the life of a Christian, challenges of all kinds do arise and if a Christian fails to adopt a prayer lifestyle, he /she is likely to be defeated by the prevailing circumstance. Hannah in the biblical story was a barren woman and had a co-wife who was blessed with children. Hannah lived with great pain every day of her life seeing that He could not deliver a child to his husband. This never let Hannah forget about God. Instead, Hannah presented his case to God. She chose to pray to God continuously to intervene in her case. She went to the extent of making a promise to God and the lord saw the grief in her heart and eventually blessed her womb and she gave birth to a baby boy. Speak the situation you are in to God and he will give it an ear.

Similarly, during the reign of Nebuhcadnesser, there were three Hebrew men, Shadrach, meshack and Abednego who decided not to worship the idol of the king. Their decision made the king angry and a judgement was passed against them that they were to be tied and thrown into a lake of burning fire. A crowd stood to witness the king's judgement and the three were thrown into the fire. Shadrach Meshack and Abednego had full trust in the lord they worshipped and their living hope was that the lord would perform a miracle and they would be delivered from the furnace. The three young men prayed and to everyone's surprise,  a fourth person was seen among the three, the son of God. This teaches us that when we trust in the lord, then He can descend from his thrown of sitting and come to deliver us.

Confessing by Mouth that God is able

A Christian whose trust is in the lord should be ready to confess by mouth what only God can do in his life. David in his psalm (psalm 25:15) quotes "My eyes are ever on the lord for only him can release my feet from the snare." David makes a public confession that no one can release his feet from the snare but only God and therefore he decides to show his trust by focusing his eyes only on God at all times. We as Christians of today are also required to depict the same character David showed.


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