Simple Game Like Scrabble

Still remember game Scrabble. This game is a board game that can hone our vocabulary in English. Include game with simple rule. Because you only must make word in a board. Than compete with your friend about who have high score. behind it all. There are other games that are no less exciting. Here are the names of games like Scrabble :

1. Bookworm

Including vocabulary games that also require us to score as high as possible. You can move up the ranks after completing levels in it. Link word around falling board. And be careful with hot word which can burn you.

2. Mahjong Word

This game follows the rules of mahjong. But the mahjong is replaced with a bunch of words. There are various modes that we can choose from there. Connect word until you have the word who can be translanted in english dictionary.

3. Crossword

As the name suggests we will find an empty box crossing between vertical and horizontal in paper. We will be asked questions. Then answer as best we can by referring to how many columns are available. You must have good knowledge to win the game.

4. Word Connect

This game requires us to connect words in a circle. How much are you able to form sentences from the available words. Climb to the top level. There are many levels can you choose.

The above game is just a little bit of what we know. And we can try it any time in free time. If you like word based games. The game above is highly recommended. You just only have android phone to start this. What kind of game do you known. Bring your friend to join. And feel the fun together. If you like you can share this info with anyone you known.


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