Six habits that negate the full effect of exercise

1. Skip the warm-up. Never do this, even if you are in a hurry! By preparing your muscles and joints, you reduce the chance of injury, increase your own endurance, and increase the effectiveness of your workout.


2. Don't change clothes after the gym. A sweaty T-shirt, shorts and underwear are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.


Don't drink while you work out or afterwards. According to statistics, during an hour-long workout you lose about a liter of fluid, which can safely be called real dehydration. First, it's bad for your health, and second, it reduces the effectiveness of the workout because it's physically harder for you to do the exercise.


4. Don't eat after your workout. In fact, it is recommended to eat a few protein bars immediately after exercise to restore the energy expended by the body.


5. Eating fast food. Don't think that the calories you burned during your workout allow you to replenish them with fast carbs.


6. Not keeping track of your progress. A meticulous study of your progress is an even better motivator than a picture of a young Schwarzenegger in your locker.


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