Sleeping without a pillow: for whom it is dangerous and for whom it is useful

Studies show that quality sleep has a significant impact on the performance of athletes Also, during sleep, the immune system functions "at full capacity," but if there is not enough rest, then the fight against viruses and infections can become an impossible task for the body.


Insomnia is a fertile ground for the development of depression. It may provoke a constant feeling of hunger, a rise in blood pressure, as in the autonomic nervous system is disrupted, as well as various cognitive disorders - and this is not the whole list of possible problems.


What are the dangers of sleeping without a pillow Anyway, if we go to bed without having a pillow, then at the level of intuition there is a desire to put something under our head. As a rule, in such situations a hand replaces the missing pillow. But this leads to the disturbance of blood circulation in the limb, and in the future - to not the most pleasant consequences. When lying on the side without a pillow, the neck bends unnaturally, and the blood rushes to the head more than usual. This provokes painful throbbing and even headaches in the morning.


As a result of the unequal blood flow to the brain, there is a constriction of the blood vessels, and there are ebbs and flows. In theory, this can cause a migraine - in the "best" case, and also negatively affect the blood vessels, cause a stroke and glaucoma - in the worst case. If the body is in a flat position, the cervical and spinal muscles can not relax completely, and, again, the blood vessels are squeezed. The result of all these negative processes can be osteochondrosis and a curved spine. If the head is not laid properly, the strong rush of blood can cause not only puffiness, but also a mattress imprinted on the face in the morning.


Sleeping without a pillow can aggravate snoring, or provoke its appearance, even if the person did not suffer from it before. When the head is tilted back, lying without support, the tongue can block the flow of air into the airways, and the vessels in this case will be compressed.


Those who have diseases of the back, blood vessels and internal organs should choose a quality orthopedic pillow. As the neck is not supported by the pillow, this posture is considered unnatural and violates the natural processes occurring in the body.


Is there any benefit to sleeping without a pillow

There are some benefits, but if you compare them to the negative consequences, they seem to be nothing. For example, a pillowcase on a pillow is considered a global dust collector and a great place for bacteria to grow. By giving up the pillow, it may be possible to eliminate the cause of allergy attacks and facial rashes. Although it is not difficult to periodically clean the pillow from dust and change the pillowcase.


Sleeping "on the face" provokes pressure, which is why wrinkles appear and become deeper. But a regular facial massage, performed immediately after waking up, will easily cope with this problem.


Yes, indeed, there are people who absolutely do not need a pillow to sleep, which it can even harm - it is an infant. In order for your baby to properly form the spine and strengthen the neck muscles, he needs to sleep without a pillow. Additional support for the neck, according to doctors, is definitely not necessary for children under six months of age.


Experts recommend adults to use a pillow for sleeping, but at the same time remember that worse than sleeping without a pillow can only be sleeping on a low-quality one. The point is that some support for the neck, due to psycho-physiological features, is necessary for every person. But you should choose anatomic and orthopedic products. You can prefer and ordinary pillow, but it must be of high quality, so it is better to consult with a specialist.


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