Smart answers to stupid questions

1. When a tunnel or subway is dug, where does the excavated earth go?

Most of the time it is put into ravines when they build roads or used as soil when they build apartment buildings.


2. Do people change their passports after plastic surgery?

There are requirements in the law that a person must change their passport if they have a drastic change in appearance.


3. Do goats and deer have a headache after fighting with their horns?

No, their skulls are designed in such a way that animals do not experience any pain.


4. Is it possible to survive by jumping into the ocean from an airplane at an altitude of 1000 meters?

Unfortunately, there is no chance. You will enter the water at 200 km/h, so you will just crash against the waves.


5. Why don't people who suffer from amnesia forget language?

Human speech is formed before the age of 6. This is why everyone's speech nucleus is secure. Memory is on the surface of the cortex and is already less protected.


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