Smartphone and drone in one body - Vivo gadget presented on renders

The company decided to implement the idea of creating a smartphone with a built-in drone. Such a decision may seem strange, but there is a rational explanation.


The drone will be used as a separate camera, helping the user to pick up new scenarios and angles. Naturally, it will be a compact drone, so that it can be placed in a smartphone.


What about autonomy?

With this size and four propellers, it is impossible to fit a large battery into the drone. Consequently, the mini quadcopter will be charged through the #usb-c port of the smartphone, from which it will be controlled.


What is known about the novelty? Characteristics? Cost? Release date?

At the moment we know only bits and pieces of information, because Vivo has only a patent, which does not guarantee a 100% release of the smartphone. I'm sure many will like this idea of combining two gadgets, it allows you to expand the functionality of the smartphone, but there are some nuances.


For example? What is wrong with such an idea?

The drone is not practical, if it will really be used for photos from height, then such a "tiny" can be blown away by the wind. On the other hand, this disadvantage partially guarantees that it will not be used with bad intent (spying and peeping).


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