Smashoid App: The Best Way to Write Articles and Earn Money

Do you want to earn money online? This app was built on the efforts of readers just like you. Readers who didn’t have any experience as writers but decided to put a list together and send it in. We will pay you for your efforts. You don’t need to be an expert—you just need to have English equal to that of a native speaker, a sense of humor, and a love for things unusual or interesting. This app is launched on google play store you can download from there and earn by writing interesting content.

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What is Smashoid?

Its simply a list that collects noteworthy content and aims to increase visibility for the readers. Most importantly it gets new readers to the site and its author. If you write or create good content and you find it an interesting list that other people may like to read, let’s say a new iPhone that Apple are going to launch, people will like it because they can read about it from a cool and interesting perspective. Download this app It's one of the most popular articles platform site.


How to sign up for the app

Just search for “Smashoid” in the google play store on your smartphone. You’ll be asked to set up an account. We’ll also ask for your email address. However, you’ll never send the content of the app to anyone, you’ll be only in charge of what you type and how you write. Easy money When you’re finished writing for the app,. Just by typing a small article, you’ll be in credit for the next edition.

Download Smashoid App

Download on the App Store

What can you write about?

Jokes and stories on everything that’s weird or unusual. Autobiographies. The Making of Ludo Monkey, another writer. It’s free to write about yourself but I will pay you when I publish the article. More articles. Now, one of the main problems with articles on Smashoid is, of course, that they can’t be commercial. So we have reached an agreement with a Chinese site to pay writers for articles published on Smashoid. We also welcome new writers, readers, and podcasters to Smashoid, and are glad to take on any new article opportunities.


Earnings and Payments

The rate you get paid by Smashoid depends on a number of factors. when you will accept your payment and how you will receive it. In most cases, Smashoid will pay out within 48 hours. Write 500-3000 words about anything that interests you. The payment structure is simple. The minimum rate we will pay you is $5. However, it varies depending on the topics, quality, and how quickly your submission is approved. You’ll receive the payment via PayPal, Paytm and UPI. If you need more information about Smashoid, please click here.



Best and easy app for article writing where you will earn money. It would be wrong if I didn’t mention that this industry is so inundated with other noise that when someone mentions their success, there is no room for any further questions. It would be foolish to ignore a whole list of resources, some of which you can find below. Hire top notch writers Try out all the tools mentioned in this article Set up a good test subject Research on what the readers’ expectations are Don’t be afraid to jump in to the field and practice your craft Hopefully these pointers will make the entire process of creating content a lot easier.

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