Snow holders: are they needed on the roof and what should they be?

Are snow holders really needed?

Even where winters are usually not too snowy, it is recommended to install them. After heavy snowstorms, thaws often occur, and such periods are especially dangerous with snow coming off the roof.


Snow holders recommend setting if:


a pedestrian path runs along the house under the roof overhang or there is a platform where people can be;

a parking lot for a car is arranged nearby or a fence is installed, which can be damaged by a snow layer;

air conditioning units, satellite dishes, lamps or other items are installed on the wall of the house under the overhang;

a drain made of plastic or thin metal is installed on the overhangs, which can be damaged or broken by a snow mass;

under the overhang - entrance to the house;

the ramp turns into a light roof of a veranda or other extension.

Such safety elements are needed even with a minimum slope of the slopes (from 6 °). When using a roof covering with a smooth surface, a large slope length or its strong slope, it is recommended to install them in several rows.

What should snow holders be like?

They are chosen according to the expected snow load, roof construction, type of coating.


Tubular: horizontal tubes mounted on steel supports in a line above the load-bearing wall. They keep the snow layer on the roof, they can let the snow down in small safe portions. They are used for medium and large slope of slopes, with high snow load.


Latticed: snow is held on the slope by vertically installed lattices, which are mounted on strong supports. Similar to tubular snow holders, but usually do not let the snow down.


Point or corner: the dimensions are small, the plates protrude above the surface of the roofing, holding the snow on it. They are independently used on small roofs with a small slope of slopes, on rough roofing. They can complement lattice or tubular snow holders under heavy load, additionally distributing the weight of snow over the area of the ramp. They are installed in rows in a staggered order.


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