So mysterious the group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Mind of a Genius: When Ingenuity Falls into the Right Hands

There are so many ways to look for music these days. If you’re a newcomer to the game, finding something that’s just right for you can definitely be a challenge. This is where Mind of a Genius can be of valuable assistance. They’re an indie label but the unique quality about this forward-thinking company is that none of their artists sound remotely similar to each other. Instead, MOAG is home to four very talented artists/crews who are essentially the cream of the crop of their respective lanes. You have ZHU, the mysterious electronic music artist who dropped one of the biggest, most recognizable yet artistically sophisticated dance tracks of the last few years. Then you have Gallant, who has been killing the indie music game with his unique, highly-emulated style of falsetto R&B and futuristic production. Crooning duo THEY. have also been dominating the streaming platforms with their own strain of R&B and their European signee, Klangstof, produces some of the best electronic-shoegaze-indie rock right now. These artists aren’t just original, their styles also cover every corner of music today, so that most listeners would probably connect with at least one of them on a sonic level.

  • When a label is helmed by business executives who aren’t actually into music, it’s often that the artform and its intricacies will be the last thing that’s cared about. Mind of a Genius is an example of talent and artistic ingenuity falling into the right hands. It’s got such a unique blend of talent and unconventional way of running things partly because their President/Founder and Vice President, David Dann and Azad Naficy, are musicians themselves. Dann was a DJ and producer for nine years before he decided to make the career change — his passion for other genres and artists conflicted with his electronic aesthetic


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