Social Media Mistakes and Careers

There are 5 basic social media posting mistakes that can ruin your career.


One wrong tweet and you could find yourself out of a job. There are various examples when people lost their jobs because they started discussing problems outside the workplace, more specifically in social networks.

Nothing is known about the fate of such employees, we only know that companies are watching what you post on their pages, and you can be punished for it. So, how do you make sure your social media habits don't hurt your career:


Mistake #1: You're not aware of your company's policies

Most companies are reviewing their privacy policies because of social media pressure. And even if your contract doesn't mention anything about the policy, it's worth going to the appropriate department at the company and clarifying all the provisions of the company's privacy policy.


Mistake #2: You're stirring up controversy

Advertising political and religious beliefs on social media has become almost the norm these days. But for many companies, it's not in line with their policies, and it can lead to penalties. If a company has a loyalty policy, they'll stick to it for everything, and you're better off keeping your personal opinions to yourself.


Mistake #3: You are too negative online

I don't think you would likely go around the office talking about how bad you feel and complaining about your life. That's why you shouldn't do it on social media either. After all, your rude and negative comments won't go unnoticed.


Mistake #4: You accept a friendship invitation from your boss

It's not a good idea to add your boss as a friend. You can change your profile settings and make it private. But if the request is already received, you can clear your profile or accept the invitation, but be very careful about what you post on social media or what you say.


Mistake #5: You treat all social media the same

If you're trying to maintain your personal brand, of course you need to be active on various social media platforms. But none of your statements should be related to your direct work activities.


Be vigilant and careful and you will succeed!


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