Society Says (every thoughts)

Eeeew, you are too fat.

Gosh, what are you eating? No man is gonna want you. You know what? Stop eating ice cream, yoghurt, rice, bread, sugar, burger, pizza, pancakes, in fact, all carbs. Just stop!!! 

Eat vegetables and drink water after all goats don't complain.

What! OMG, you are so skinny.

Are you sure you are eating properly?

No man/woman is gonna want your body.

You are a sack of bones, your hip bone might just pierce his/her body. Your shoulder blade could pierce his/her chest when you try to cuddle. Are you trying to impersonate a skeleton?


Society says to do this and doesn't do that. The line dividing the dos and don'ts is blurry. Society sets standards for us, you are not allowed to be yourself.

No! You must live up to society's expectation, your soul long dead, your spirit dampened.

Walk like this, don't wear that, talk this way, brush your teeth and smile even though your teeth are rotten, your insides crawling, your insides fatigued!

Society knows what is good for you.

Yeah, you are in no position to know what works for you after all you have to be accepted to be considered part of the society.


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