Solutions to the government

I pity Ariaria Market today.. The only solution the Government of Abia state has to help the hustle of the poor masses by these ways ;


1. After the demolishing of Ariaria market, they should use those stones from the buildings to close pot holes from Faulks Road down to Brass and even Ariaria junction.


2. They people that will get involved in demolishing of Ariaria market should concentrate on their works.


3. Closing of pot holes and bad roads should be done that day and even on Monday when people are sitting at home.


4. Nothing is easy but I believe our state Abia state deserves the best👍💯.


5. Another is peace.. While they are busy demolishing those places they should maintain peace and unity. 


Hope these words will go a long way to reach the government ❤❤❤


I believe his able, capable, and honest to do more... We love you ❤ Daddy!!


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