Some rules for a successful life

Thank you for clicking on this article. Welcome to an exciting article of mine and I hope you would love. Have faith and have a successful life. One of the basic differences between God and human is, God gives and forgives, but some human gets and forgets. No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, just remember that baboon and gorillas attract tourists. Stop boasting. 

One might ask, how do I have a successful life and if it is possible? Yes, it is possible to have a successful life, but to have a successful life; there are rules one has to follow. I am not suggesting that it is always going to be rosy. Definitely there would be times you would wish things were different and start on a clean slate. Let’s check out some rules I gathered below; 

1. Stop comparing yourself:

Bob Groff said “we won’t be distracted by comparison if we were captivated with purpose”. Focus on the things that do matter. What inspires you to bring out the best in you and what brings meaning to your life. We each have a purpose in this life. Figuring it out can be very hectic but when you do, you would realize it is a big waste of time to sit and do nothing but to compare yourself with others. You are amazing and keep rocking you for no one would do it best.

2. Always be grateful for what you have:

There is a saying that “you never know what you have until you lose it”. Be grateful for your loved ones out there, every second you can, enjoy with them, experience new things and live life to the fullest. One day, we might not have the same chances we got. Never envy anyone and impress others with what you don’t have. Live within your means. At the end of your storm, there would definitely be a rainbow. Remember that dress you are claiming that it is not worthy of your style, someone out there is dying in the cold weather. You are out there complaining that you don’t have that fashion trending shoe, when someone wishes they can have a foot to walk on. No matter how small of your things are, always be grateful. Of course, you can push yourself to get more positively but when complains come into the picture, you realize at the end, the ultimate question; ‘did I really need it?’

3. Let go of the past:

Love and never hate, even though sometimes one can see it to the only option there is, which in this and every other case it isn’t. You can forgive and let go, because the only person who would be hurting is you. One way or another, we’ve all done some activities that we regret so much. For some it teaches them a lesson and others leave them scarred for life and are even afraid to move on. Stop living in the past. There is a whole lot in the future ahead and the only thing missing there is your focus. If you are not going to push yourself for a better future, no one else would. The only one stopping you from achieving your goals is you. 

4. Your thoughts are your reality:

Focus on positive things and that’s what would follow you. Remove all negativity from your life. Sometimes the road gets rough but never should you let that get the best of you. When you invite negativity into your life, that’s the outcome you would end up with. Disappointments might appear once a while but there is also determination to not give up. You can be whoever you want to be. 

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