Some Tips to Reduce Daily Expenses

Make a list of all your bills.  How can they be reduced?


 Some tips:


Reduce your electricity, water and gas bills. Put your home appliances in standby mode or unplug all unused appliances. Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Use fan instead of AC. Instead of using a dryer, hang your clothes to dry. Use incandescent bulbs and appliances. Install a quick shower and water saving shower head. Can you get a discount by paying in advance?  I recently shaved $ 30 off a bill with 3 months advance payment.

Oops. Review your health, auto, and life insurance policies. Is there a cheap mobile phone plan?. If you have a mobile and landline, miss one!. Can you join the plans together, i.e. family plan?. Do you really need a caller ID, call waiting. Bundle your services - Get internet, phone and cable services with one provider. As a long-term customer, can you claim a discount?.

Reduce your accommodation costs


Can you move into a cheaper apartment or house?


Can You Refinance Your Mortgage?


Can you rent a spare room for extra money?


3. Reduce bank and interest rates

Manage Your Credit - A bad credit score in the US can cost tens of thousands of dollars over years of rising interest rates and insurance costs.


Avoid overdraft fees.

Discuss the best interest rate on your credit card. Change your credit card balance to a lower credit card.


Consolidate loans.

Do not use non-bank ATM machines that charge a fee. Consider a Citibank Plus account for travel in Australia. Consider the Charles Schwab account for travel in the USA. For day-to-day banking in Australia, consider ING Direct.  They have no ATM account fees and you can get cashback on payout purchases of less than $ 100.  We transferred all our private banking to them and loved them.  If you join here and use this code CVT085 you will get $ 75 (Disclaimer: I also get $ 75, but I recommend them because they will save you money and make you better)


Other tips we Mention later...


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