Something about kidney issues

Now the number of kidney patients is increasing day by day, but there is a reason for the increase in this disease, the main reason is adulterated food. Most people prefer to eat sidewalk  food and fast food food, but these foods are more adulterated. So it is better not to eat this food. Otherwise you can become a kidney patient without your knowledge. So let's start without talking about today's three kidney issues.


Today I will talk about these 3 issues: -

(A) -What does kidney food mean?

(B) -What is the importance of kidney food?

(C) -Kidney useless patient from when to eat kidney food?

A) What is meant by kidney food? _________________________________

In fact, kidney food does not mean any specific food. Our daily routine The type and amount of food depends on the state of rage and rage from the food Proper diagnosis means kidney food. Anger to his physician or food Experts will fix this food.

B) -What is the importance of kidney food?


Although the treatment of kidney disease has improved considerably with the blessings of technology and science

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. Of

Although there are various reasons, the type, quantity and nutritional value of the food is quite good

Intuitively involved. Various studies have shown that anger improves the quality of life and


Anger will take away the treatment as well as the importance and immenseness of food.


C) -Kidney useless ragei when to eat kidney food?


Kidneys are wastes and drinks made from the food we consume on a daily basis

Can't get out completely. The way to understand it is urea in the blood

Creatinine levels 1.5-2 times higher than normal or creatinine

Cearns 50% lower than normal.


To do.


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