Sonia Kruger’s reveals secret behind fit figure

Big Brother host Sonia Kruger has revealed how the housemates reacted once they were told about the coronavirus pandemic last week.Whenever Sonia Kruger graces our television screens, fans can’t help but discuss how “amazing” she looks.The Voice Australia host, who celebrated her 56th birthday on Saturday, is usually complimented on her age-defying looks.And last night’s show was no exception.

Sonia opted for a brief cow-print dress that featured one long-sleeve, together with her other – very toned – arm and legs on full display.Sonia Kruger, 56, has her super toned legs on full display during last night’s episode of The Immediately after she posted a snap of herself within the figure-hugging outfit, fans bombarded her post, questioning how old she “really is”.“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again... you merely don't age... EVER!” one fan wrote.

“Legs for days,” said another.“Best pins within the TV business!! Sorry SK just saying what most are thinking!” a 3rd added, while a fourth wrote: “Legs legs legs for days... just jogs my memory.. 

I so got to start working out!”Sonia, who turned 56 on Saturday, left fans in awe over her ‘age-defying looks

Some commented the dress was “too short”,

but others were quick to defend the TV host.“If I had a figure like Sonia i might be wearing that too, she isn't to old, this is often entertainment industry, remember,”

one fan wrote.“Omg if I had legs like her I’ll be wearing that short she looks amazing!!!!!” another added.In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the mother-of-one revealed that when it involves her “ageless” body, it’s about two key things.

“We continue learning about our bodies as we get older. i do know now that i want good sleep and healthy food,” Sonia told the publication

Sonia said the ‘secret’ behind her incredible physique comes right down to ’good sleep and eating healthy food’.

“There were days in my younger years where i might never cook because i used to be always out and survived on pizza and champagne, but now I take a way more measured approach.”

The star of 1992 film Strictly Ballroom added the foods she can’t live without are salmon, nuts, broccoli, cherries and hot chips as a treat once in a while, as she’s “only human”.In a previous interview with

Sonia said much to peoples surprise, she rarely goes to the gym.“I think that’s the common misconception.

People check out me and think I’m training everyday at the gym, everyday of the week and that i am not,” she said.“Even once I was training with Dan (her personal trainer) i used to be alleged to be there twice every week and most weeks I’d only make it at some point.”Instead, you'll find her doing home workouts.Sonia launched Strictly You, in 2019 and said she was inspired as people kept asking her the “secret” behind her incredible figure.

“My workouts now are reception, within the loungeroom and it’s with music or if I’m with my friends on a Friday night and we’re having an enormous glass of wine, I’ll make them dance,” Sonia told

“I’m that person that’s always trying to show people the way to do a cha-cha.”The program combines dance, exercise and nutrition with full body workouts taking but 25 minutes to finish.


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