Sony presented a VR headset for Xperia smartphones for $260

At the launch event for the Xperia Pro-I smartphone, Sony also unveiled the Xperia View VR virtual reality headset. It was the first Xperia device in this category - previously Sony only released VR headset PlayStation VR. However, in the case of Xperia View VR we are talking about an accessory for Xperia smartphones, which are inserted into the glasses according to a well-forgotten scheme.

The glasses work only with the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 1 II phones. Both devices have 4K resolution displays and can broadcast a fairly high quality image, comparable in clarity to the capabilities of standalone content viewing glasses from Pico or DPVR. The Xperia Pro-I, characteristically, does not fit the "cardboard".

It provides a horizontal viewing angle of 120 degrees, and its lenses have a hybrid structure with high focusing efficiency. It also has a lens distance adjustment feature that allows users to customize the device.

To work with the headset, the Japanese have introduced a special application Xperia View, which conveniently displays a list of headset-compatible apps and other VR content.

You can control content through special notches through which you can reach the touch screen with your finger. You can move the cursor with the volume keys, and select objects - with the camera button. Controllers for the new product are not provided.

Glasses can be purchased at the Japanese online store Sony and store Au at a price of 29700 ¥ ($ 260). About the global availability of the accessory is not said yet.


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