Soup with lilac cups

Thick, rich, aromatic and scrumptious! There is a pleasant bouillon, there is bitter cream - a really perfect mixture of all merchandise! The complete own family will love it: even those who discover it difficult to withstand eating the first path! The key is to bake and savor the delight!



Maine broth - 2-three litres,

Potatoes - 3-four portions,

Carrots - 1 piece,

Sweet pepper - 1 piece,

Tomatoes - 2 portions,

Ripe cibbole - 1 piece,

Czernik - four-5 cloves,

Veggies - crunch, parsley,

Salt, pepper, spices - to flavor.

For the lilacs

Syrr-a hundred and fifty grams,

Cooking oil - 60 grams,

One hard fowl's egg - 1 egg,

Wheat harrow - a hundred grams,


Wet soup with lilac clusters: short cooking procedure

First off, prepare the batter for the lilac balls. For this, vicinity the difficult bitter cherry tomatoes on a coarse paste, upload the chopped veggies, eggs, and cooking oil.

Rada. You can additionally use melted syrr: sold in a store or made at home.

Stirring, add the boron, stirring again and acquire the dough in the breast. Dough leaves in a bowl.

Cibulus, pomodoro and malted bell peppers are cut in cubes.

The carrots are grated, and the potatoes are reduce as standard for the soup.

Positioned the casserole on the hearth, pour the vegetable oil into it and saute the cherry tomatoes, carrots, peppers: approximately 2-three mins. Upload veggies, cover with crisps and stew in brief.

Pour inside the clear broth, deliver to the boil, add the potatoes and cook until nearly cooked.

All the dough is in small slices.

Put the strips into the casserole and cook dinner for 5 greater mins.

We add spices, boiled vegetables, cooked veggies, shredded herbs, let it rest on the heat and flip off. The soup is ready!


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