The South Korean boyband, BTS

The South Korean boyband, BTS, has just held an online concert titled 'Permission To Dance on Stage' on Sunday (10/24/2021). Their concert was fairly successful and managed to entertain the fans.

But not a few fans are worried because one of the BTS members, V, doesn't seem to be able to perform optimally. Hybe Labels issued an official statement regarding the struggle for V BTS's appearance in the midst of the post-pandemic concert.


This BTS concert featured a number of hits such as Boy With Luv, Burning Up (Fire), Idol, Dynamite, and Butter. During the show, not a few noticed that V was having a hard time on stage.


"V experienced pain in his calf muscle during training on the evening of October 23 and visited a nearby hospital for examination and treatment," wrote their agency Hybe Labels, quoted from The News, Monday (25/10/2021).


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Injury to the leg made Kim Taehyung have to sit in some of the songs he brought.


According to the label, medical personnel said that while there was no problem affecting the bones in his leg. It was just that he had to refrain from strong moves like choreography or stage performances for now.


As a result, V took part in the performance sitting down and without choreography. We ask for your understanding. We will continue to place the highest priority on the health and safety of our artists and strive to ensure that all BTS members can meet their fans in full health. .

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