Spanish-style scrambled eggs "Tortilla": a recipe for a hearty and fast breakfast

Spanish tortilla is popular in many countries. Scrambled eggs are great for breakfast as a stand-alone dish because they are both hearty and delicious.


Ingredients needed:

potatoes - 2-3 pieces;

olive oil - 1/2 cup;

eggs - 4 pieces;

onion - 1 piece;

green onion - to taste;

salt and ground pepper to taste.

How to make a tortilla

Peel the potatoes, cut into thin slices and fry until crispy, says

Onion chop randomly, add to the potatoes and fry together.

Whisk the eggs with salt and pepper. Add to the pan and mix everything gently. After that, cook until tender.

If desired, you can also add dried herbs, tomatoes, garlic or other favorite vegetables to the dish.


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