Spicy kebab for the whole family

Shish kebab is most often made of pork. To marinate the meat well, you need to choose a fresh part of the carcass with small streaks of fat - the neck or ham. When making a classic marinade, add an onion cut into rings. It gives more juice and soaks the meat well. The recipe for marinated kebab also includes vinegar. You can choose any: apple, balsamic or grape. Shashlik with vinegar will turn out soft and juicy.


Pork 1.5 kg = 1500 g

Grape vinegar 75 ml = 75 g

2 onions = 160g

Ground black pepper 1 tsp.

Salt 1.5 tsp. = 15g

Step-by-step recipe

Arrange all the ingredients comfortably. Cut the meat into medium sized pieces. Slice the onion into randomly sliced rings. Prepare a container for the marinade. Assemble the grill or electric kebab oven.



Place the meat cut into slices in a dish



Marinate the meat. To do this, fill the pork with vinegar, add salt, black pepper and onion. Mix well the mass obtained


Put the meat to marinate in the refrigerator for 5 hours to soak it well in the marinade.


It is better to marinate the meat in the evening. The longer the meat is left to marinate, the more tender and tender it will taste.

Garnish the finished dish with pickled onions


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