Splash-color Long Sleeve Top and Bottoms Set - 5 Tones and 4 Sizes

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• Look cool in any event, when you're relaxing around with this Splash-color Long Sleeve Top and Bottoms Set 


• Choose from 5 tones: pink, blue, dim, green or pink and blue 


• Available in ladies' UK sizes 12 to 18 


• Long sleeved top with scoop neck area throws a tantrum that is great for relaxing in 


• Tracksuit style bottoms have a comfortable flexible belt with drawstring attaching 


• Tie color print adds a hippy energy to this relaxed loungewear set 


• Looks great whether you're relaxing around the house or taking off 


• Made from cotton and polyester 


• Save 73% and make relaxing much more fun in this Splash-color Long Sleeve Top and Bottoms Set 


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• UK central area conveyance as it were 


• Please permit up to 14 working days for conveyance 


• Excludes Channel Islands and Scottish High countries 


• Voucher is substantial multi month from buy 


• Original esteem approved on 01/10/2020 


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