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A healthy lifestyle is not possible without movement.  Let's make a reservation right away that by sports we mean not heavy physical training to achieve sports results.  Rather, it is physical exercise to keep your body fit, feel great and prevent aging.  This will give a result, but it will not be so obvious.  Daily exercise is essential for health and beauty.  You can load yourself more twice a week, and for the rest of the days, choose a set of not heavy exercises.


  First, decide on your main sport.  Choose only your favorite!  Without experiencing any pleasure, it will not bring results.  Be sure to eat before your workout so as not to rush into food immediately after class.  But the food should be very light: something vegetable or fruit.


  The benefits of playing sports are obvious: muscles are tightened, the skin is better supplied with blood, which gives it youth, you can burn extra calories and, accordingly, lose weight.


  And so, we choose sports activities to our liking.


  Swimming: Swimming is ideal for women.  All muscles work, but you don't feel very tired.  Muscles are tightened, the skin is hydrated.  Swimming is also good because even the most awkward person in the water gains lightness.  Well, the fact that you have to put on a swimsuit (almost undress!) Can serve as an additional incentive to lose those extra pounds.  At medium loads, it burns up to 700 kcal per hour.


  Tourism: suitable for office workers who spend all day at the computer.  If you can't imagine a day without communication, tourism is for you!  Rugged, low-lying terrain, hiking in the mountains is ideal for toning your thighs and abdominal muscles.  Beautiful countryside, great air.  Good pictures can be taken.  Amateur tourists cover an average of 30 km per day.  And then songs with a guitar.  Perhaps sleeping in the fresh air.  You can take your grown-up children with you.  Burns up to 400 kilocalories per hour.  Disadvantage: it is impossible to walk in winter, it is difficult to keep the time (this is not two hours a week!).


  Jogging: Useful if uniform all the time, preferably running at least 4km.  It has a good effect on the figure, tightens the hips, buttocks, improves blood supply, while running, you can get distracted from pressing problems, this relieves nervous tension.  If you are not happy with your figure, you can choose places with fewer people.  Undoubted advantage: availability, relatively high consumption of calories, if you run 4 km in half an hour, up to 500 kilocalories are spent.  But additional gymnastics classes are desirable for such a choice.


  Bicycle: the buttocks are pumped up, strengthened and get a beautiful shape, the blood supply is improved.  Many families have bicycles.  Bicycles are bought for children.  You can even ride a bike to work!  It is burned up to 600 kcal per hour.  But there are also disadvantages - Russian cities are not suited for cyclists.  We do not have dedicated lanes, we do not consider cyclists, car owners, we do not have parking spaces for bicycles.  The summer is too short, you can't ride a bike in slush and snow.  Of course, there are fitness equipment, but not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gyms.  And to buy a home is expensive and takes up a lot of space.  And the effect is not at all the same.


  Jumping rope: the simplest and most effective way to keep in shape.  Jumping can even replace gymnastics!  Despite the apparent uniformity of movements, almost all muscles work, posture improves.  The buttocks are tightened, the hips are strengthened, the muscles of the arms are tense.  Blood circulation improves, heart rate accelerates.  Suitable for absolutely everyone, but do not start with heavy loads, this can adversely affect the heart, one must be careful when dealing with vascular diseases of the legs.  It burns up to 1000 calories per hour, but here it strongly depends on the loads.  The undoubted advantage is accessibility.  To jump, jumping overweight on the ninth floor of a high-rise building is problematic.


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