Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

Let's say right away that by sports we do not mean heavy physical training to achieve athletic results. Rather, we mean physical exercises to make your body fit, to make you feel in great shape, and to prevent aging. If you choose only the right diet out of all the measures of a healthy lifestyle, it will give results, but they will not be so obvious. Daily exercise is essential for health and beauty. You can load yourself more twice a week, and for the other days choose a set of not heavy exercises.


To begin with, decide on your main sport. Choose only your favorite! If you exercise to the point of fainting on a treadmill without feeling any pleasure, it will not bring results. Be sure to eat before your workout so that you don't pounce on food immediately after exercise. But the food should be very light: something vegetable or fruit.


The benefits of sports are obvious: muscles tighten, the skin is better supplied with blood, which gives youthfulness, you can burn extra calories and, accordingly, lose weight.


And so, let's choose sports activities to your liking.


Swimming: for women swimming is ideal. All the muscles work, and a lot of fatigue is not felt. Muscles tighten, the skin moisturizes. Swimming is also good that even the clumsiest person in the water gets lightness. Well, the fact that you have to wear a swimsuit (almost undress!) Can serve as an additional incentive to lose extra pounds. At an average load burns up to 700 kcal per hour.


Hiking: suitable for office workers who spend all day in front of a computer. If you cannot imagine a day without communication, hiking is for you! Rugged terrain, low mountains, hiking in the mountains - ideal for tightening the muscles of the hips and abdomen. Beautiful terrain, great air. You can take good pictures. Amateur hikers on average overcome 30km a day. And then the songs on the guitar. Perhaps a nap in the fresh air. You can take older children. Burns up to 400 kilocalories per hour. Disadvantage: the impossibility of walking in the winter, it is difficult to allocate time (it's not two hours a week!).


Jogging: it is useful if you run evenly all the time, it is desirable to run at least 4 km. It has a good effect on the figure, tightens the hips, buttocks, improves blood circulation, while running it is possible to distract from everyday problems, it relieves nervous tension. If you are not happy with your figure, you can choose places where there are fewer people. The obvious advantages are affordability and relatively high calorie consumption, if you run 4 km in half an hour, you spend up to 500 calories. But this choice desirable additional gymnastics classes.


Cycling: this improves your calves, strengthens and shapes your buttocks and improves blood circulation. Many families have bicycles. Children buy bicycles. You can even go to work on a bicycle! It burns up to 600 kcal per hour. But there are disadvantages - Russian cities are not adapted for cyclists. We don't have dedicated lanes, we don't have motorists, we don't have places to park bikes. Summer is too short, you can't ride a bike in the slush and snow. Sure, there are exercise machines, but not everyone has the opportunity to go to the gyms. And to buy at home is expensive and takes a lot of space. And the effect is not the same.


Jumping rope: the easiest and most effective way to stay in shape. Jumping can even replace gymnastics! Despite the apparent sameness of movements, almost all muscles work, and posture improves. It tightens the buttocks, strengthens the thighs, and strengthens the arm muscles. Improves blood circulation, accelerates heart rate. It is suitable for everybody, but do not start with high loads, as they can have an adverse effect on your heart. You should exercise with caution in case you have vascular disorders in your legs. You can burn up to 1000 kcalories per hour, but this depends a lot on the load. The undoubted advantage - availability. But not everyone will go out to jump, and jumping on the ninth floor of a high-rise with excess weight is problematic.


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