Squid Game cryptocurrency collapses after developers "escaped"

Media said that a cryptocurrency inspired by the most successful Netflix show, the Korean series Squid Game, succeeded in attracting enough investors to see its value rise to further than$, before its generators profit from it and also vanish after that leaving investors behind, attesting that it's It was a fiddle from the launch. 


 The technical website Engadget said that the cryptocurrency called$ SQUID, which has not been officially approved by the Netflix platform that owns the intellectual rights of the Korean series, was launched in late October and its value rose to within a many days. It was vended as a way to play an forthcoming online game grounded on the South Korean series, where buried people are forced to play a deadly game. 

 According to the same source, at 540 am on Monday morning, the value of the cryptocurrency$ SQUID fell to$ 0, her website faded and her Twitter account was banned. Its generators have also organized what's called in the cryptocurrency world as a “ hairpiece pull,” where currency generators take advantage of real plutocrat and vanish. The news says that scammers may have stolen up to$3.38 million. 


 Despite the shock of the fiddle, there were several signs that the cryptocurrency was a fiddle from the launch despite the investors being ignored, and among these signs was that the cryptocurrency website was full of spelling and grammatical crimes, and people were suitable to buy coins But they weren't allowed to vend it. 


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