Squid game: the kindest survives

The story of the losers

Remember the games of our Soviet childhood? In the courtyard, we often played “Quiet, you go, the further you will. STOP… ”and classics. At school or pioneer camp, during sports competitions, they were sure to tug-of-war ... So the South Korean children did not lag behind us. True, there was among their yard games such as the "Squid Game". As noted by the director and screenwriter of the acclaimed TV series, Hwang Dong Hyuk, she was "the most physically aggressive child's game." And at the same time, his most beloved. And also - "the most symbolic game, reflecting today's society based on competition." That's why Hwang chose her as the title of the series and the main thread of the film.

The heroes of the film will take part in only four games. But they will be so brutal that out of 456 players, in the end, only one will remain. Here is such an unkind plot of the series. Although it is about the good in the "Game of squid" and will be discussed.

Hwang Dong Hyuk will have the idea to tell the whole world about his growing up in 2008. Then he will live with his mother and grandmother, lacking money. At some point, he will stop writing the script, as he will have to sell his laptop.


And yet, Hwang will finish his story. About the real people around him - a chauffeur who lost his job, lives off his elderly mother and constantly gets into more and more debts, the head of an investment group that robbed the holding company in which he works, a young refugee from North Korea who is trying to find her mother and take away from the shelter of his brother, a guest worker from Pakistan, striving with all his might to provide for his young wife and one-year-old child ... 

10 years on the road to success


"I wanted to write a story that will become an allegory or a fable of modern capitalist society, something that depicts competition in an extreme form, extreme competition in life," the screenwriter will say and place his characters in the most inhuman conditions - on a distant island, at the cost of their lives, the players will to fight for a billionaire fortune under the "supervision" of armed overseers and to the delight of a handful of the richest representatives of the world elite, having fun with sweepstakes.

The production companies will not like the plot of the series. For 10 years, local studios will reject the idea of ​​this show as too grotesque and too unrealistic. Only in 2019, Netflix, which by that time will switch to active search and promotion of foreign projects, will offer cooperation to Khan. The pandemic will "work" too. As the director and screenwriter notes, COVID-19 will greatly exacerbate the economic disparity between classes in South Korea in 2020 and 2021, which "will make the story very realistic compared to what it was ten years ago."

hope dies last


It makes no sense to compare Squid Games with The Hunger Games or other modern dystopias. Everything happens so "here and now" that from the first minutes you are immersed in the atmosphere of an infinitely realistic and emotionally plotted story. Together with the hero Ki Hoon, you run from the bouncers of debts, blush with shame in front of your little daughter, whom you give an absurd gift for her birthday, pull the rope with the last of your strength, rejoicing for saving your own team and blaming yourself for the death of your opponents in the game ... And then, remaining not of your own free will, one, you return to the real world ... Where there is money, but there is no mother ... And you ask yourself not the question that was on the agenda before participating in the games - "How to survive?", and to others: "Why live?

Khan masterfully puts an end to this story (although it can be assumed that such a successful series will not remain without a continuation): he gives the hero and all of us hope. Having confronted the outcast billionaire who refused money with the "founder" of the game, he again offers the heroes and the spectator a bet - to bet that no one will help a homeless person freezing on the road until midnight, or that there will be good people and will save him. Ki Hoon bets on humanity and wins again. From the windows he sees that they are coming to the aid of a homeless man. Kindness is stronger than indifference.


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