Starlink satellite internet will be available in India in December

This week, Starlink began talks with Indian authorities about the possibility of providing access to its global satellite Internet service to 10 rural areas. This is expected to happen no later than December of this year.


Sanjay Bhargava, Starlink's regional director for India, said that so far there are only 5,000 pre-orders to use SpaceX's satellite Internet service from India. According to the top manager, the number of pre-orders from rural areas will be one factor that will lead to larger Indian territories. The company plans to get more than 200,000 pre-orders to use Starlink.


Interestingly, Amazon also intends to offer satellite Internet services in India. Indian media reported that Amazon's top executives have met with Indian officials, and Jeff Bezos' company is expected to apply for the necessary licenses soon, despite the fact that no satellites have yet been put into orbit.


In the meantime, both Starlink and Amazon will not only face competition from local players in the broadband market, but will also have to compete with Britain's OneWeb, another company that intends to offer satellite Internet services in India from May 2022.


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