Start Earning Through Blog- 5 easy way to earn money

We have some motive behind doing any work and when there is a question related to career, then everyone can have only one motive and that is to generate a good income regularly.


Although there are many ways to earn money online in the Internet world, but when it comes to making a long-term online career in a Genuine way and getting good income from it, then mainly the one which is used the most on the Internet. 

It is everyone's favorite Evergreen platform –

Talking about earning money from Blogging and Vlogging on the Internet today, then you will not be able to believe how high its potential is.

On the Internet, you will find examples of hundreds of bloggers and Vloggers whose income reports will surprise you.


That is, their income is in crores and the real proof of this is in the form of two top bloggers of our India who are


Amit Agarwal, whose blog is -


Harsh Agarwal, whose blog is –


Amit Aggarwal ji, is also called the Father of Blogger of India, because mainly credit goes to him for starting Blogging as a career in India.

Both these bloggers earn crores from their blog only. 

Apart from these, those who are good bloggers also make income in lakhs, about which I will definitely tell further.


The biggest source of income for all the big bloggers from their blog is Affiliate Marketing, about which I will definitely tell in detail in the following articles.


Under Affiliate Marketing, Blogger promotes all those products related to them on its blog, which it wants to do. 

Whether he uses it himself or not, his main goal is to get a good income in the form of commission from affiliate marketing.

That is why they mostly promote only those things on their blog, on which they get the highest Affiliate Commission.

I will also mention about the web hostings here, if someone buys hosting from that link, then I will also get some commission in return for running this blog of mine and giving people a correct information in the form of small credit. 

Can be found which is absolutely correct.

And all of you should understand this very well that even after purchasing a product from Affiliate Link provided by someone, you have to pay the same price as its actual value.

Affiliate commission is already added to any product the company sells, if someone buys that product from the direct website without any link, then the company keeps that commission with itself.

That is why we should always buy any product from Affiliate Link only so that we can give some knowledge indirectly from whom we are getting, so that they can also be inspired to work better for you.

'Blogging' is the biggest medium to earn money online from affiliate marketing.

Big Bloggers are earning up to $50K a month from Affiliate Marketing, the biggest example of which is blogger 'Harsh Agarwal'.


Apart from these, the names of some other bloggers come in the list of top Indian Affiliate Marketers who have earned a lot of money from their blog through Affiliate Marketing and are still earning which are –


Kulwant Negi – ($10000 – $20000)/Month


Anil Agarwal – ($10000)/Month


Ankit Singla – ($20000 through Semrush Affiliate in 4yrs)


Harsh Agarwal – ($40000 – $50000)/Month


What is a blog and how to create a blog? 

We all have already understood this.


How To Make a Blog In Hindi?


What is blog & blogging in Hindi?


But what is the way to make income from blog after all? 

If you want to understand it then you can expect that here you will get complete information about it with a complete analysis which will encourage you as well as make you an online career as a blogger.

Before proceeding I would like to give a suggestion that no work in the world is small and there is no shortcut to earn money.

My intention is only to tell this that when many people first read about online blogging and earning money from YouTube, then seeing their income, they become so much motivated that they also want to earn money as soon as possible.

They find it very easy to see all this and without understanding the concept, they waste their time and talent by adopting wrong methods.

Therefore, only after understanding the concept of blogging very well, if you feel that yes, I can do this work honestly without getting bored by posting Unique Articles (Type & Publish) on the computer everyday, then your this work. 

Fully welcome in the world of blogging.


“To earn money from a blog, that is, to monetize it, the first two things (terms) that are most important in the blog are those” –


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