Masturbati0n is a form of pleasure we give our bodies, it's how most teenagers find out what they like before engaging in adult s3x, but unfortunately there are a lot of  between them who can't get out of it. Maybe you are part of this lot!


It seems that you are losing control over your own life. When you know clearly there are people who spend time in front of their computers to conquer and learn good things. however in your side, you use yours to keep pornographic videos, this activity which sinks a good percentage of your accomplishment during your lifetime.


But do not worry.  I know what you are going through.  And my solution takes this into account.  To get out of it all, here's what you have to do, in just three safe steps with my fingers top-rocking on the keyboard.


So shall we take the first step.

Step 1 of 3.

Don't make this decision long term.

If you want to stop and you say for example: "Well, I'm making a decision today, I'll never do that".  And yet you could do it during this same week because when you see a photo or a video that can excite you, your weakness can convince you because you have no date to respect and you think that this pleasure is too good for you.  stop it all your life, and then you'll do it again.


We advise you to take this decision for a month or a week and write down the day you took it, and the date you are waiting for.  So when you see an exciting photo or video you'll resist because you've set a date, and when the date comes it's a win for you.  More than you like, well you're going to start a new date, two months, three months etc...

There it will become a habit, and this habit will discipline you without the need to set dates, in the years to come.


Steps 2 of 3.

Do not take any application to block porn sites, right from the start.

Analyze that! And if this app is disabled and notifications appear again, the tabs open to s3xy pictures and exciting video clips.  Are you not going to fall into a weakness anymore?  Can you resist?


So it's more important to use yourself to block these sites first.  looking at s3xy images to a strong mentality, self-confidence.  And if you have any on your mobile don't blink for them, but watch with no feeling by deleting them and blocking the sites.


At the end of the day !  You can give yourself orders by not hiding for erotic videos, because you are a strong person.  But using an application from the start to do this will show your weakness, each time this application will deactivate.


however.  After at least three weeks or even a month to assess your self-confidence, you can use some apps to help you move away from these sites.


Steps 3 of 3.

Put a limit to your lonely moments.

Avoid being alone for too long and doing nothing.

because by staying alone and still without doing anything, your chance of not mastur bating will be minimal, since there are off-peak hours throughout your day, it will allow you to think with it.  It is important to prioritize all the activities that can make you a very productive person.  Do a self-analysis so that you can wake up this lion who sleeps in you in all areas...


in your spare time, as you already know, you can do lots of positive things that can change your whole life and move it in another direction.


During these times call a friend or colleague.  Then talk about your passion or new activities, projects or even just about nothing.


Read books.  by reading books everything can change and your time will be fulfilled.  There are plenty of sites that offer you free books.


And if you have it in your room, you can do it or spend some time reading in a park.  By doing everything you can to get away from the computer, to maintain your concentration.


Under these conditions, your subconscious receives beautiful messages from day to day and it activates you to see life in a different way.


Practice new passions such as music.  dance, yoga, modeling, soccer whatever interests you by expanding your comfort zone.-

Believe me it will work but if you really respect yourself.



Talk to a close friend, maybe you are two in this case and if your friend takes it seriously, you can add your tips, and create activities, find humor around you.  So if you are honest with yourself, it will help you find a faster solution.  Basically telling this friend about it can make you feel less alone.


Also, if you want to be left alone in your decision.  Trust yourself and aim for a time when you are ready.  So as not to miss your first decision.  set some ground rules for your new life.  It's more important that you calm down to start your first decision in a good time instead of doing stupid things.


Find help on the Internet.  Do some research on the subject and try to see what other people with a similar problem recommend.


Thank you, because you come to the end of this article which will change your situation in the near future or even today.


What do you think
?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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