STOP Using Telegram!!

• Telegram app is becoming the second dark web
• Fake COVID vaccine certificates are being distributed in so many countries through Telegram
• We are seeing these sort of news in newspapers, Indian news channels and International news channels everywhere.
• Telegram is end-to-end encrypted and there is no limit in sending files in terms of size.
• It's becoming the hub of cyber criminals.
• So many teen-agers are falling in the trap without knowing that they are becoming cyber criminals
• They are distributing paid model pictures which are somewhat bad for free.
• Pirated movies and pirated games are illegal and a crime.
• Extremist groups are using telegram medium for attracting youths which is a serious issue because youth are the future of any country.
• Think what can be the outcome of that because youngsters are like wet soil they will be moulded as one wants them to.
• If the youth know that they can share the likes of any fake documents, fake certificates, anything from anyone can be downloaded and can be sold and anybody's bad pictures can be sold using telegram think what's gonna happen!
• One cannot sell each and everything on internet here we're talking about stolen data, stolen documents, stolen financial information, etc...
• Indian government will soon pass a strict law in parliament for these sort of illegal activities and if anyone find guilty of doing such illegal stuff and the age of he/she is 18 years then they will be jailed.
• It's becoming necessary that these sort of laws have to come because we're moving towards Digital India where we're doing most of the works digitally and its in the mind of Indian government too.
• Already so many IT laws were passed and soon we'll see laws for these sort of stuff.
• If anyone is sharing pirated content, any sort of stolen data then they will surely go to jail undoubtedly. So, beware of doing such stuff.


• It's very difficult to trace TOR browser similarly there is end-to-end encryption in Telegram because of that cyber criminals are doing those illegal activities.
• In 2019, Kerala High court told the state government to ban telegram as so many cruel videos are being distributed through the platform as it is affecting children.
• The telegram links are banned by many operators in India unless you have a Telegram app you cannot open that link using browser. Even the telegram website is banned by many operators in India although Government of India has not ordered any operator to ban it. Still it's banned because so many illegal contents are shared through Telegram platform.
• It has many useful features better use it responsibly.
• Recently, a boy sold credit card details of his father for 150 rs to buy points for online game. For just 150 rs his father would have paid lakhs as credit card bill.
• Telegram is very risky, if these things aren't stopped believe me government will completely ban telegram in India.


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