Story of My Struggling Life

To struggle in life is not a trends in every generation it's a hereditary .... The struggle that I had everyday is beyond measurable. Sometimes, life gives me hope, sometimes not.. but Living God is whom I lean on... 

        I'm a lad of 27 now, when I was in 8th standard, I thought of being famous in familiar way, nevertheless, being idle and lazy was like my hobbies... Dropped out in studies, every activities... get bad scolding by my parents.. after a while, by hook I go through to 10th standard and I thought that I've become someone as I was in 10th standard, pressure from my friends,my parents for my aim in life, to which I thought of setting my goal as a lecturer or environment activist.. but the 10th standard loved me for three years which leads me to give up😭😭 and quit my studies, So I started accompanying my village people in agricultural purposes for nearly 2 years, and later, in the year 2015 I got married to my own people in nearby village... And started to live seperately, which counts to 7 years of my marriage now, With God's bless I have two child and a low income source and  depends on agriculture,so as, hopefully pray almost everyday for the healthy and wealthy weather/climate for the crops to grow healthy for enough reap and to cover up for the year to feed my starving family.. last year was a year of famine because no rain, pandemic, locusts,bug etc.. lead us to struggle because of low income of what we sow. And feel pity of my income, nevertheless, I look up and praise God for his everything, though I could not fill my family's stomach and survive intense misery and aslo thanked our Prime minister Modiji for PM kisan scheme which I received Rs. 6000/-.

                 Looking back at my aim in life and of my thoughts, I just spent enough time and ask God why don't you let me achieve my goal so that our environment be better, my life be better?? But than I realised it was all my fault as I don't focus on my settings😭😭, and be me who I'm now, and I ask God to bless me better life not to boast nor to live the life of seven-blindfold but to live a good life for God's sake as I don't wanna go envy others every wake up... To be poor farmer like me is not easy.

Sharing this article without any fear nor shyness neither without hesitation is because there are many young families who struggle like me to feed hand to mouth and are started hating  their life due to excessive work load which is too big for them to dear brothers and sister's who are struggling like me, Living God has a purpose on us we  never know what  and when is our right time to be blessed so have patience and receive it... 🙏🙏

         May God bless you good life to all the readers...🙏🙏 God bless....

Chanda - Jan 21, 2022, 5:34 AM - Add Reply

Very touching my dear friend, when God say yes no one can say no!!

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Bosti - Jan 23, 2022, 5:02 PM - Add Reply

Thank you friend.. May God bless you....

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